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TERMS OF SERVICE - Massages Monika


For the business relationship between the customer and the Plöbst Monika "who-touch-moves", Roseggerweg 10 in 5630 Bad Hofgastein, the following general terms and conditions apply exclusively.

These conditions apply to all transactions, contracts and offers; they also apply to services and the sale of products that come about or are concluded between Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" and the customer. Exceptions that do not fall under the general terms and conditions will be made out separately in writing.
Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" carries out his services to the best of her knowledge and belief, as well as according to the current standards of the industry for the customer. Changes will be communicated to the customer by Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" before the start of the service.

Our studio Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" works mainly on an appointment basis. Customers are offered appointments after specifying the services requested by the customer. These are then permanently reserved.

This can be done in person, by telephone (0680 404 6776) or via a corresponding booking tool on the homepage


The prices for services are exclusive of VAT, as the small business drifts.
According to § 6 Abs 1 Z 27 UStG - Value Added Tax Act, no sales tax is charged.
For services that are not described in the price list, Studio Plöst gives Monika "who-touches-moves" information about the price in advance.

The prices quoted are minimum prices and can increase due to additional work or the spontaneous booking of additional services. Invoices are due immediately after the service has been fulfilled and are only to be paid in cash using EC cash, credit cards or a voucher.

In our online shop, we offer PayPal as a payment service provider, among other things. You can find the data protection regulations of PayPal with this link. On our part, data is stored for the duration of the statutory retention period of 7 years, but is never passed on to third parties. In the event of abusive activity, we reserve the right to pass on your data to the legal representatives (police, etc.) and our lawyer.


Paid vouchers / purchase vouchers:

Customers can purchase vouchers for "who-touch-moves" at Studio Plöbst Monika. Paid vouchers can be used to pay for all services and articles at Studio Plöbst Monika "who-touch-moves", cash redemption is NOT possible.


If an error or deficiency appears, the customer has to inform Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" as soon as possible.

Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" then has the right to make improvements.

The choice of whether to make improvements or to reimburse the costs rests solely with Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves".

If Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" offers a repair after a complaint and the customer rejects this, the customer waives further claims for defects and reimbursement with rejection. If the customer does not respond to a rework offer within 48 hours, this is considered a rejection of the rework.

No claims for defects exist in the case of only insignificant deviations from the agreed performance or quality, in the case of only insignificant impairment of usability, in the case of natural wear and tear, as well as damage resulting from incorrect or negligent treatment, excessive use, unsuitable skin cosmetic care products by the customer or due to special influences.

If customers or third parties carry out rectification work or changes, there are also no claims for defects for these and the consequences resulting therefrom.


The customer assures that he will pass on all personal data and information (allergies, injuries, illnesses, etc.) that are relevant for the professional implementation of the service to the Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves".

These data are stored in electronic form in the customer file. Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" undertakes to keep this data under data protection regulations and NEVER pass it on to third parties. Furthermore, this data will be deleted after 6 months if you do not visit us again.


Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" assumes no liability for the customers' cloakroom, bags, luggage and valuables. Jewelry must be removed before treatment begins.

Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" assumes no liability for the customers' clothing if they are damaged through the fault of the customer, the same applies to possible intolerances and allergies, whether known or unknown.

Exclusion of liability exists for the chemical, thermal, skin cosmetic treatments expressly requested by the customer, as well as all massage-technical measures.

In the case of circumstances for which Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" is not responsible, e.g. illness or force majeure, such as power failure and the like, which partially or completely prevent the fulfillment of a customer order, no liability claim can be derived. Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" also assumes no liability for postponements or delays for which Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" is not responsible. If Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" has to postpone an appointment, the customer will be informed as early as possible. The customer then has the option of agreeing on the new appointment with Plöbst Monika "who touches" or of canceling the appointment free of charge. If the customer has already paid for the appointment or has paid in full, all monies for unused services will be returned to the customer.

Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" tries to plan the appointments so that the appointment can start on time. Due to unforeseeable events, the customer may have to wait.

A claim for damages cannot be derived from this.


Plöbst Monika "who-touches-moves" has the right to demand compensation for all damage caused by the customer. Shoplifting is reported immediately.


Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions be wholly or partially void, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The ineffective provision will be replaced by one that is lawful and comes closest to the meaning of the invalid provision.